Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gay British Romantics Have Talent

I found a clip of the sweetest moment in the Britain's Got Talent franchise since Susan Boyle famously wowed the world with her debut in 2009

In the audition show, a middle aged gay couple appeared on stage and said they would do a ballroom dance.
The Sugar Dandies, ballroom dancers, charmed
the audience on "Britain's Got Talent."

A lot of people aren't used to that, and you could see a bit of skepticism on Simon Cowell's face, and many people in the audience.

But the pair, calling themselves the Sugar Dandies,  soon had the audience and the judges falling in love with them.  And why not? The couple, who said they have been together for 16 years and married for five, gave a highly romantic performance.

I have to say I'm glad that people embraced the couple for what they were. Nice and romantic. I'm not sure people would have been so supportive just a few years ago. It's great to see we're evolving.

 I can't embedded this clip of their performance, because they've blocked the embedding, but it's still worth watching it by clicking HERE.

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