Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wyoming Fails To Protect Itself from the Apocalypse.

I haven't been disappointed with a state as much lately as I am with Wyoming.  They had such a great legislative idea, only to abandon it, those jerks.

The state's House of Representatives was considering a bill that would have set up all kinds of defenses, including an army, weapons and even an aircraft carrier to protect Wyoming from the inevitable collapse of civilization, no doubt brought on by the supposed socialistic, pro-Muslim policies of Barack Obama.
Every state could use one of these. Buy one for yourself
if your state doesn't.

I know questions are being raised by readers right away. For instance: An aircraft carrier? In Wyoming?  I know what you're saying. An aircraft carrier might be a little impractical in a mountainous state with Wyoming, with few bodies of water and certainly no oceans.

But such negative attitudes toward aircraft carriers in Wyoming reflect a terrible lack of imagination that will surely be the ruin of this country, if the New World Order or something doesn't get us first.

As an aside, what exactly is the New World Order?  There was sort of a disco-ey, electronic band called New Order back in the 1980s? Is that band plotting world dominence? Seems odd to be ruled despotically by a disco band but what do I know?

Anyway, back to Wyoming and the aircraft carrier. People who criticize should realize: What if the the end of the nation through liberalism or whatever results in an ocean in Wyoming? The state was just trying to be proactive, covering all possibilities to keep it citizenry safe. What's wrong with that?

Sadly, however, the legislature rejected its preparation for the apocalype, so Wyoming residents are on their own if space aliens attack or something.

Worse, the aircraft carrier piece of the legislation was an amendment made by a Wyoming House member as a means of ridiculing the Wyoming Defense Bill.

Still, local defense in the face of the United States' collapse is probably a great idea. I think I'll lobby my local representative to the Vermont legislature to buy an entire army from some other country to defend us against, I don't know, another Phish concert

a band in 1980s and 1990s called New Order.

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