Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Great Way to Fund a New Library

It was Town Meeting Day in Vermont yesterday, the annual ritual in which people gather in communities throught the state to debate and vote on local budgets, town issues and other miscellaneous topics.
A still from the charming Shutesbury, Ma. library
fundraising video.

Of course, library funding comprises parts of these local budgets, and libraries are always looking for creative ways to win funding.

Nobody can beat the effort in Shutesbury, Massachusettts, though. Their library is tiny and they need a bigger one. The state will pay for much of the new library in that town, but the community also must come up with a large local match for the project.

Shutesbury chose to take the charm your socks off route. They made a little video, amateurish, but charmingly so, of course, to entice people to donate to the library fund. The video is so sweet, genuine and welcoming, I have no doubt Shutesbury will get their new library. It doesn't hurt that the video is showing signs of going viral.

If nothing else, the video will put a smile on your face, which you might need, so watch:

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