Monday, March 19, 2012

Politically Incorrect: "She Left Me For Jesus"

For extreme silliness, and very politically and religiously incorrect fun at that, my brother in law alerted me to the following song and video.
Singer/songwriter Hayes Carll can be polticially
and religiously incorrect.

It's called "She Left Me For Jesus," by Hayes Carll. The lyrics are hysterical, in a lowbrow sort of way and the the video is tawdry, the way I like them the most. The country swangy song shambles along and just steps in religious sensitivities.  When the song came out, evangelicals and conservative radio stations were outraged.

But, for what it's worth, Don Imus called "She Left Me For Jesus" the, quote "greatest country song ever written."

Carll is critically acclaimed for his songwriting, so I'm really going to look into more of his music. Tell me what you think.

The video takes the form of an hilariously awful reality TV show.

If you take your religion seriously, skip this song and video. Otherwise, enjoy!!

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