Thursday, March 8, 2012

Herd the Beer Drinkers, the Guinness Way

It seems like there's a law that all beer commercial must be as STOOPID as possible. They must feature juvenile, dumb men,  half naked, pneumatic, artificial women gyrating as if having a slow motion epileptic seizure and unlikely situations involving slapstick pratfalls that are so lowbrow, said brows fall to the floor.
Guinness manages to make a advertisement
as tasty as their beer.

Apparently, if you drive people crazy with stupidity, they will drink your beer.

So it was refreshing when I saw an advertisement for beer on Copyranter via Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog,  that was humorous and actually a bit clever.

The ad is for Guinness, and depicts a quintessentially British sporting competition, or at least a competition from the goofy imagination of ad agency Abbott Mead Vickers/BBDO of London.

Watch and enjoy, especially if you're a dog lover:

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