Monday, November 5, 2012

An Abba Museum!

The latest reason to go on living is the news that came out recently that there will be an Abba museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

I'm not quite sure what will be in there, aside from some gold records, some photographs, maybe some stage props from their concerts.
A museum to memorialize Abba:
A reason to go on living!

Maybe there could be some artifacts of things that come up in  Abba songs. Kind of like a Madame Tussad's wax musuem

There would have to be a Dancing Queen, of course, some dippy woman in a tiara doing the Hustle with her hot 1970s partner. Or they could hold dancing queen contests, in which melodramatic gay men can vamp to Abba songs, in or out of drag.

Maybe the museum can steal a bust of Napolean from another museum, since Abba has a song that goes "My, my! Waterloo! Napolean did surrender! 

My, my, all right.

Some of their songs are hard to turn into a visual cue for a museum. What do you do with "Take a Chance on Me?"  Just hang a fuzzy dice and display a poker game or something in a room and leave it at that?  Maybe sell Abba lottery tickets? Win the scratch off Abba ticket and win their hit "The Winner It All" for your iPhone?

There's quite a Spanish element to Abba's oueve. "Fernando," "Chiquitita"  Maybe pics of Abba in Spanish garb?

Who would be the Abba museum curator and employees and what would they  look like? The men wear Saturday Night Fever style polyester suits and the women have sort of '70s Dorothy Hamel haircuts?

Anyway, on your next trip to Stockholm, be sure to check out the Abba museum and let me know if it's worth going to.

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