Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grinch of the Year Steals $2 Million in Salvation Army Toy Donations

That was fast.

We already have the winner of 2012's Grinch of the Year award. It goes to former Salvation Army of  Canada Warehouse Director David Rennie with stealing $2 million on donated toys, says the Toronto Star.

He and his cohorts allegedly resold the toys for his own personal profit.
David Rennie is accused of stealing $2 million in toys
from Salvation Army donations for needy kids.

The good news is many, but not all of the stolen toys were recovered, so the entire Christmas sleigh full of Salvation Army toys is not lost.

It's as if Rennie tried to figure out how many ways he could be both evil and hypocritcal. The Salvation Army is a Christian organization, and I'm sure the Bible doesn't say steal from the poor and enrich yourself big time. So I think he might have been violating some Biblical rules there somewhere, if he did what police said he did.

I'm sure his family and friends are so proud. I wonder what he bought with the proceeds of the toys he sold? I doubt he bought nicer toys for the needy children the Salvation Army was supposed to serve.

 I'm sure the Canadian justice system will proceed nicely with the alleged misdeeds. But what punishment would you like to see Rennie get?  I say make Rennie buy the most expensive toys available at FAO Schwarz and give them to the kids who would have missed out because of his misdeeds.

Overall, the Salvation Army is having a tough year. They're under increasing scrutiny, and might suffer a drop off in donations for the organization's anti-gay stance. Activists are urging people to put "vouchers" into the Salvation Army's trademark kettles saying they won't donate unless the Salvation Army is less discriminatory.

And in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a shopowner filed a noise complaint because the incessant bell ringing was driving her batty, according to Seacoastonline.

"I can't take it any more. I'm sick of it," said the shopowner. "It makes me hate Christmas."

The noise complaint went nowhere. The Salvation Army got a city permit to ring a bell there, so it's exempt from the noise ordinance, Portsmouth officials said.

Ring ring!

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