Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Two Boys, the Dogs, Play in the Sun

Lately, I haven't shown the two boys, as Jeff and I call Jackson, out black cocker spaniel, and Bailey, our, well, we think he's a Golden Retriever and Husky mix.

So they say hi to you all in photographs.
Bailey basks in the late autumn sun...

We had a nice afternoon recently on an Indian Summer type day in our St. Albans, Vermont yard.

Bailey, the older, wiser one, wandered around soberly in the late autumn sun, enjoying the smell of the outdoors while Jackson, the young 'un, rolled in the grass and leaves until he was disoriented, and chased birds and squirrels around the yard. You know, a dog's life

The two boys can teach us humans lessons on how to live a life.

(As aways, click on the pics to make them nice
and big.)
....while Jackson's ready for action
The wind and the aromas in the
air make Bailey happy
While Jackson's a bit disoriented from rolling around
in the leaves and grass for a long time. 

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