Friday, November 2, 2012

Hideous Sandy's Beautiful Skies

Here in northern Vermont, we escaped the wrath of Superstorm Sandy. Just a little wind, a little rain, no big deal. Too bad we can't say the same for the entire Northeast.

A bright sunrise over St. Albans, Vermont
as Hurricane Sandy approached Monday
I feel a little guilty doing what I'm doing here, given the terrible destruction and heartache across Sandy's path, but here on the edge of the storm, Sandy gave us some beautiful skies.

Funny how a terrible thing could give us a bit of beauty. This beauty is not worth the pain of Sandy, of course, but I guess we have to take the silver linings where we can get them.

As the storm approached Monday morning, Sandy gave us bright, orange lit up dawn.  After the storm moved inland, the outer tropical rainbands of the storm swept across Vermont, giving us spells of quick downpours, blue skies and lots of rainbows.

Finally, as the remains of Sandy limped off into Canada at midweek, she threw more rain showers our way, with a parting blast of a setting sun lighting up the landscape below the lingering dark clouds.

Pics, of course are in this post. As always, click on them to make them larger and more visible.
After mostly bypassing, Vermont
Sandy threw up some rainbows over the state
This one is in Underhill.
As the lingering dark clouds and showers of Sandy
began falling apart Wednesday, a shaft of setting sun
lit up this hill in Milton Vermont

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