Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today's Time Waster: Fun, Nasty Passive/Aggressive Notes From the Neighbors

I found this excellent time waster the other day. It's photos and texts of really strange, passive aggressive notes, usually left from one neighbor to another, often for a ridiculous dispute. is a hilarious window into what peeves people the most. The annoyances are often illogical. Or if they're actually vaguely logical, the notes take things to ridiculous heights. At least some of them are creative.

An example from
I wasted some time on this site, too, and found these favorites:

Scrawled in red spray paint on a suburban garage door was this missive: "I don't have a meth lab (never, ever) Leave me alone!" 

Too bad, what's a neighborhood without a meth lab in somebody's garage.

Somebody moved into a neighborhood and posted this note: "1. We don't need any new friends. We have enough. Don't try to stop by for small talk. 2. Don't park in front of our property. 3. Keep your pets quiet and we'll all get along."

I bet there won't be any small talk at this person's house, but I bet there's LOTS of small talk among the rest of the neighbors about the new people on the block. At least they don't appear to have a meth lab.

Politics always enters the fray with these passive aggressive notes. Here's one, found on a car in a busy parking lot: "Dear Friend: Someone defaced your car with an Obama sticker. Just thought you should know. Hate to see you look like an idiot."

Yeah, you don't want to look like an idiot, like the idiot who left the idiot note.

Here's another political one from a Boy Scout canned food drive for the needy: "This is the last time I will donate anything to charity. It's Obama's problem, not mine."

So, Obama is supposed to donate canned goods to the local Boy Scout troop? I'm confused.

People who leave passive aggressive notes don't often like charity. Along the lines of the Boy Scout note, he's one from a fed up resident: "Please stop feeding the homeless in our neighborhood. You are doing harm to those of us who live here. Take it to your own back yard."

Personally, I'd rather people stop feeding the pigeons, but that's another story.

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