Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Bronco Bama" Girl is Happy, Ariz. Romney Fan Less So

Before the election, I posted a short video of a little girl in Colorado named Abigael who was so fed up with the incessant election news that she was crying and distraught.

I'm happy to report that there's now video proof that Abigael has fully recovered from the election, and is happy that "Bronco Bama" as she calls the President, has won another four years in office.
Here's the very brief but very charming vid:
Frankly, I think President Obama should just go with "Bronco Bama" as his new name. Much more fun to say, and it could be the start of a new career as a rodeo star once the President's four years in office are up.

As for Abigael, her mother thanks everyone for the attention and calls her daughter brilliant, gorgeous and hilarious. Judging from the videos, Mom is exactly correct.

In less positive election fallout news, a woman in Arizona is in big trouble for running over her husband with her Jeep. This has to do with the election because the woman, Holly Solomon, was apparently angry with the husband for not voting on election day, according to ABC 15 in Arizona.

Specifically, the lack of a vote from hubby was just one less vote for Romney, so he somehow contributed to the Republican's election day loss and to her the country will now go to hell in a handbasket.

Obviously, logic wasn't ruling the day here, but it would have been nice if the woman had realized that Romney won Arizona big time, so that one missing vote from her husband didn't make a difference at all in the election outcome.

I am making a joke of this, but the serious part is the husband, Daniel Solomon was badly injured and was hospitalized in critical condition. Holly Solomon was reportedly six months pregnant at the time of the incident, says ABC 15.

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