Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Was Diane Sawyer Drunk?

Post-election speculation has swirled all over the place, and has landed, among other places on ABC's Diane Sawyer.

Was she nipping at the booze during the election coverage? She sure seemed like she was having fun, talking about magic milkshakes, lamenting the lack of music to introduce a new segment, and slurring words.

I don't want to be unfair. She might have been very tired. God knows she probably worked more than 24 hours straight. Or people just caught a couple iffy moments and cobbled together clips into funny YouTube videos.

Of course, 24-hour election coverage would certainly drive me to drink, so if she did imbibe, I'm not surprised.

I'm also sure plenty of Republicans are drinking heavily today. This election was not their moment.

Perhaps all this means that the election will prompt the nation's alcohol industry to lead the nation into a long, sustained and booming economic recovery.

Below is the clips of Sawyer on election night. You decide what was up with her. 

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