Saturday, November 3, 2012

High School Footballers Defy Stereotype.....

So here's the stereotype. The high school quarterback, the popular guy, is the one who bullies the unpopular students, the ones that are not jocks, not fashionable, not  what he likes.
Chy Johnson hangs with her buddy, Carson Jones
at an Arizona high school

It's nice to see stereotypes are often wrong, as is the case in an Arizona high school, where Chy Johnson, 16, a special needs student was bullied because of her disability. (People who bully this way deserve a special place in hell. )

The girl's mom called Carson Jones, the high school's star quarterback, because she was friends with the family. The mom just wanted a bit of intelligence on who was bullying her daughter, and when.

Jones and his buddies fixed that problem in a hurry by taking Chy under their wing, Marie Saavedra reported for TV3 in Arizona last month.

The hang out with her, have lunch with her, just friends. In high school culture, you don't go against the quarterback, so the bullying stopped pretty quicky.

So here's to Jones and his buddies to prove that just a bullying culture can change, if the right people take action in the right way.

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