Thursday, November 8, 2012

Disappointed Romney Fan's Hilarious Epic Drunken Rant is an Instant Classic

I can well understand how people who voted for Mitt Romney are angry and upset that he didn't win. It's a perfectly human reaction and Republicans are completely entitled to those emotions.

I also don't want to pick on anybody, OK, I don't want to pick on most people, who have some negative emotions about this election.

But I want to share a video of sorts that's been rocketing around the Web today of a Romney backer, Shelly Dankert, a blogger and conservative from Nebraska, who recorded herself on an amazingly HUGE rant while drinking her sorrows away election night.
Most of it is just a blank screen, but you hear her truly amazing, epic rant. It's the wildest reaction to anything since the infamous "Leave Britney Alone!!" video from 2007.

The most accurate quote in Dankrt's rant is this You want to call me unhinged! I'm totally F****** unhinged right now!!!! Yes, you are, Shelly.

Besides the histrionics, another facet of the video that makes it perfect is the sound of ice cubes clinking in her glass of booze.

If you're an Obama person, you'll find this video hysterically funny. Romney fans might feel the same way, or they'll regard it as a great way to get their frustrations out of their systems.

It's 24 minutes long (amazing she survived that long) so you can listen to it in bits and pieces. Be forewarned, this is totally NSFW. I don't think I've heard more F bombs in one rant ever.

I'm sure there will be a lot of parodies of this video, but for now, enjoy the original. It is beyond priceless, and you'll laugh out loud. I sure did. It's amazing how unfiltered rage can become high comedy. 


  1. Just so you know, that pic is not Shelly Dankert, I believe it's her mom. This is her...

    Such a horrible, hateful person.

  2. Thanks for heads up, anonymous. Have now removed pic.