Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drunk Biz Guy Flummuxed by Escalator of Life

There's plenty of videos out there in Internet land of people not quite grasping the concept of escalators, but I found one of the best ones yet, courtesy of the British tabloid The Sun.

We have an apparently drunk young man, decked out in a business suit, definitely looking the worse for wear, trying to go down the up escalator.

Many people ignore him. But I love the young redheaded woman who tries mightily to set the guy straight. She's polite and persistent, but can't convince the guy he's heading the wrong way. He can't even see to acknowledge her.

You have to admit, the guy is focused.

Finally, another, more burly rescuer arrives and gets the guy off the escalator. Geez, I'm exhausted from the cardio workout the drunk guy had.

Anyway, watch the video for a good laugh and for proof you are having a better day than some people.

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