Sunday, July 28, 2013

Airport Therapy Dogs Are Biggest Necessity For Air Travelers

I don't know about you, but I totally suck at air travel.

It's not that I'm afraid of flying. Once I get off the ground, I'm fine. It's airport terminals I'm terrified of and frustrated by.
Airport comfort dogs at work.  

Things always go wrong there. Flights are cancelled and delayed. It's crowded. It's easy to get lost. All that taking off your shoes and putting them on for security, making sure your paper work and boarding passes are in order is annoying.

The complex web of airline fees is more complicated for me than if I had to single handedly straighten out all pan-African debt.

it's just too much for this ADD-adled brain. I need a calming influence.

Which is why I was delighted by the news I heard earlier this summer that some airports are hiring therapy dogs to calm the rattled nerves of fed up air travelers like me.

The dogs are there, once you go through security, wagging their tales and looking for a quick neck rub. How can your frazzled nerves turn to butter over that.

The people that run these airport therapy dog services are careful and trained to avoid people who are allergic to dogs, or fearful of them. The comfort dogs and their handlers  know to be utterly polite when somebody does not want to deal with a dog. We're not all dog people, hard is that is to believe.

Only a handful of airports have comfort dogs for people in terminals now. There needs to be more.

I kind of wish the Federal Aviation Administration would require the comfort dogs at all airports.

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