Sunday, July 14, 2013

Taking A Ride In a Mudslide, And A Tornadic Pikes Peak. Weather Drama in Colorado

I drove through lots of flash flooding here in Vermont over the past month and a half, but luckily did not drive in deep water, or accidentally encounter water that was too deep.

Or if I did encounter flooding that looked unsafe, I turned around and found another way to get where I was going.
This is a view of a car being swept away by a Colorado
mudslide. Watch video below to see what it looked
like from inside the car.  

Out in Colorado, though, the flash flood water came up way too fast for a guy in his car to get out of the way.

It was on a mountain road, near the site of a really bad forest fire last year.

When it rained, it swept all kinds of mud and black debris from the fire onto the road. That's why the flowing water you will see in the video is black.

This guy somehow managed to somewhat calmly narrate from inside the car as the black flash flood sweeps him along.

It ended OK, though. His car's trashed, but he's fine. Watch:

Meanwhile, way up above 14,000 feet at Pike's Peak. Colorado, you'd think you'd be out of Tornado Alley. You'd be wrong, judging from the video by LaRae Gallant shot this weekend.


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