Monday, July 15, 2013

Two Rescues, One And A Half Happy Endings

Checking the weird news sites this morning, we have word of two rescues. One was creative and successful, the other was just the right thing to do, but ended badly for the rescuer.
This boat was dead in the water and going to
go over the falls when a helicopter crew thought
"wind: and pushed the boat ashore with
the breeze from their rotor

In Norway, a boat's engine failed after the vessel hit some rocks. The current was taking the boat toward a dam spillway, and things looked mighty grim for the boat's two occupants. They were doomed to go over what amounted to a chaotic, deadly falls at the dam.

Luckily for the boaters, a police helicopter was nearby. No, it wasn't a traditional rescue. They didn't have ropes and such to hoist the boaters up onto the helicopter.

The helicopter did have rotors, of course. So the enterprising rescuers used the wind generated by the rotors to blow the boat safely onto shore. Hey, it wasn't traditional, but it worked.

Here's the video to show how it all worked:

Meanwhile, in Ontario, Canada, a Walmart employee on her way into the store to begin her shift said she saw a man lock a dog in a car on a hot, sunny day. She waited a few minutes, but when the guy didn't come back for awhile, she called police to rescue the dog.

The dog is fine, it turns out. The Walmart employee, Carla Cheney, not so much

The Walmart employee said she was fired that day for not following protocol and calling the cops for the hot dog.
This woman said she was fired from
Walmart after calling police to rescue a dog
locked in a customer's  car on a hot day.  

Walmart counters that Cheney got fired for other reasons.

Based on the articles on this, it seems although they didn't come right out in say it,  the problem was Cheney was rude to the customer. I guess you have to be nice to everybody when working in retail.

Even when they're killing their innocent dogs.

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