Thursday, July 4, 2013

Maybe He Should Have Tried Death Metal: World's Angriest Guitar Player

A recently found a video that's been circulating around the web for a year now, but it's worth bringing up.

It's billed as "The Angriest Guitar Player Ever" and I cannot dispute that. No, not at all.
A screen capture from Angriest Guitar Player video.  

It's a guy named the Treeman, from Liverpool, England, trying to learn the chords of a new song and not succeeding.

It would have made sense for him to step back and wait until he calmed down before resuming, but again, that would have made sense. And made for a boring video. So we get to see a hell of a temper tantrum.

On the one hand, it is fun to watch a person go into full on melt down. But it is a little mean, I admit, spreading the guy's bad moment for all the world to see. So it is with mixed emotions that I present him. Though he did seem to allow the video to get on YouTube.

The video is a hilarious instruction of how ridiculous we look when we are angry and frustrated. Warning, language is NSFW and not good for super sensitive ears:

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