Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Extremely Scary Tornado Video Out of Italy, Of All Places

As you know, I love weather porn, defined as videos or images of really bad storms or really horrible weather that ads some excitement to the day.
A tornado touching down near Milan, Italy

There was an odd outbreak of tornadoes near Milan, Italy, of all places yesterday. It seems everybody in and near Milan shoots videos, so there's lots of images of the storms.

My favorite and scariest one is a view out of a corner office window as a tornado comes through.

The person who shot the video is lucky. The windows could have easily shattered and high speed broken glass and debris could have shredded the poor guy.

As you watch the video, notice at the end it cuts off abruptly. It's clear he thought he was in danger and fled. He was right. But he survived to give us a very unique view out of his office window on a day that turned out to be anything but dull.

If you ever get a tornado, don't try this at home, OK?

Watch and be amazed, as you will be even if you're not that into weather porn.

(EDITORS NOTE: Person who took the original video, which I posted here 8 a.m July 30, was taken down. I replaced it with an RT tornado report that includes most of the orginal video.)

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