Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Manly Vermont Man Fishes in Manly Way, Video Goes Viral In A Manly Way

It's nice to see a YouTube video by someone here in Vermont go viral, and it's doubly nice to see one that ensures we are keeping Vermont weird.

The video in question shows a Vermonter named Douglas Owen, looks like he lives around Morrisville, according to my research,  catching a fish for dinner. Sounds routine enough. Lots of people fish.

This guy doesn't use a fishing pole, though. Watch how he catches his trout: More commentary by me below the video, if you can stand it.

Yes, he caught the fish with his bare hands.

The video has been up for maybe a little more than a week, and as of late Tuesday afternoon already had nearly 700,000 views. It's among the most viral of Vermont based videos.

Owen sure has a sense of humor. Responding to comments on his video,  he said his wife "was not impressed 'cause I do this stuff all the time."

Some commenters said he faked the whole thing, or staged it but he said the trout was not in a cage or trap, was not hidden anywhere else and was not dead before he grabbed it.

The video was done in "first take, no real script, no editing; not smart enough."

As for his physique, which many commenters thought was masculine and sexy and made him look like a real manly man (I tend to agree) Owen said "Belly is real, developed in Vermont, USA"

Some of the comments left by people below his YouTube video are fun, too.


"I was always wondering what Santa does 364 days a year. Now we've got the answer. He rocks."

"This guy needs to teach a fishing lesson. DAMN!"

"Poseidon, are you?"

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