Monday, July 8, 2013

Amazing Aerial Photo of Trail of Hail Left By Big Storm

In a photo by pilot Daryl Frank, a streak of hail
is left behind by a thunderstorm in Alberta 
Santa Rosa, New Mexico recently found itself getting a lot of weather publicity after a storm left it covered by more than a foot of hail,  making it look like they'd had an enormous July 4 weekend snowstorm.

But I  found an even more spectacular  photo on,'s Facebook page, showing an  aerial view of farmland in Alberta, Canada after a hailstorm.

The photo was apparently take by a Catp. Daryl Frank of Jazz Aviation. The path of the hail streak resembles that left by a tornado. But instead of wind destruction, you get this bizarre streak of white in otherwise green agricultural lands.

(Click on the photo to make it bigger and get a better view)

But I imagine the crops under all that hail didn't fare too well. That hail had to be intense to leave an accumulation like that.

Here's a video of what the hail storm looked like while it was in progress. Yikes!

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