Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scenes From A Vermont Flood

For more than a month now, torrents of rain have been pouring onto Vermont. There's been repeated, damaging floods.
The storm clouds roll in at around 1 p.m. on
the Fourth of July

Even those that have not experienced any flood damage are suffering. Crops are drowning. Mosquitoes are thriving. People are sick of being wet.

On the Fourth of July, one of the worst storms yet in this episode of rainy weather swept into northern Vermont, and we had another, yes, another flash flood. It's getting old. The photos in this post are scenes from this Vermont flood.

The heavy rain quickly overwhelms roads, in this case, i
in Jericho, Vermont.  

 This four foot deep swimming
pool in Richmond, Vermont
was overwhelmed by

Residents of Jericho try to
control the effects of flowing
water and mudslides  

This road in Jericho is closed for
a long time.

After doing their damage, the
thunderstorms depart, glowing in
the Fourth of July sunset.  

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