Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Storm in Vermont, More Dramatic Photographs

The endless parade of big, destructive thunderstorms plaguing Vermont this summer continued last night as another squall line came through, tossing down God knows how many trees and power lines as it roared across the northern half of the state last night.
As clouds began to gather, it gave the atmospher a tropical
feel as people got the last of their fishing in.  

It seems the power companies are always out untangling their fallen lines, chain saws are constantly buzzing and everybody is always shoring up the roads washing out in the downpours.

Last evening, I was at St. Albans Bay, on Lake Champlain in northern Vermont when the storms came through.

The blast of clouds, wind and lightning didn't cause much damage around St. Albans, but it sure made for some great photos.
Ahead of the storm the sun's rays struggled
against the oncoming dark clouds 

The shelf cloud in front of the storm looks like Jaws
ready to eat the bay.  
The storm gets closer, the sky gets darker

The shelf cloud visible as the storm approached and a sign the storm would pack a punch,  was something to behold.

The roiling storm clouds take over the sky.

The storm takes over. I run inside.

The storm doesn't last long, and the sky gets
peaceful again at sunset.  

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