Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Messes: Worst Jackson Pollock Moment EVER. And The Attack Of The Killer Suds

I hate dropping crumbs, spilling my drink or tracking mud into the house. I'm a messy guy.

But I can console myself in realizing I could have made bigger messes than the usual trail of sloppiness I leave behind me.
The aftermath of a crash involving lots and lots
of spilled paint. Photo from KOMO. Click
on the photo for a better view.

I've got two good examples.

The first is a car crash. Car crashes almost always make messes, what with the twisted metal, broken glass, pieces of plastic that fall of the car.

It makes an even bigger mess, as someone in Belfair, Washington State found out recently, when you're hauling a whole bunch of paint cans in your car and you accidentally drive off the road, according to television station KOMO. 

KOKO reports the driver had minor injuries. And lots of paint. His equally paint soaked dog was in the car with him. The pooch wasn't hurt, and neighbors brought the dog to their house for a very good hosing off.

I think if I ever need paint, I'll have it delivered to my house, thank you. But the wreckage of the car could become sort of a Jackson Pollock type work of art, don't you think?

The second messy incident happened in Tokyo, and made a neighborhood look like it had just been hit by a big snowstorm. Which is odd for this time of year in notoriously hot, humid Tokyo.

It seems someone threw 40 liters of soap down a drain on the thirteenth floor of an office tower. The soap gurgled its way down to the street level sewer, got agitated so more and became so aerated there was an eruption of dense soap bubbles that had to be shoveled out of the way.

I've seen snowbanks along city sidewalks, but sudsbanks?  Watch the video to see what I mean:

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