Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Overturned Cement Truck is NOT What You Want To See Coming At Your Windshield

Dr. Guan Zhu a veterinary professor at Texas A&M, was driving around in his Toyota Sienna the other day in College Station, Texas with the dash cam running.
Not what you want to see through
your car windshield. 

He got to an intersection and Uh-oh. A cement truck ran a red light, overturned and came straight at him, says television station KBTX.

Had to have been awfully scary! Luckily his airbags deployed and he received just minor injuries.

Zhu said he doesn't really remember most of the details, other than the truck heading toward him.

So, we give you the CBS report, below, to show you the thing you probably would least like to see coming at you when you're out driving:

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