Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Proof That Firefighters Have A VERY Tough Job

Sure, carrying a flaming propane tank out of a building
is perfectly safe. Really!  
Two videos show why firefighting can be a drag. And dangerous.

In China, a restaurant was badly damaged in a blaze.

Firefighters mostly had the fire out, but a propane tank in the building continued to spout flames, and seemed ready to explode.

No worries, firefighter Huanpu Jiangwu just carried the burning tank out of the restaurant, the flames inches from his head.

Never mind that it could have blown up any time.


Next, we have a firefighter helping to put out a truck fire, somewhere. He's got his ladder against the truck, his hose running.

But things don't go so great. (It's fun, in a sick sort of way, to see how things deteriorate when he's out of view as traffic passes.)


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