Saturday, April 5, 2014

Nabisco Lovingly Tells Honey Maid Ad Gay Family Critics To Go Pound Sand

Nabisco, makers of tons of stuff, including Honey Maid graham crackers, released a bunch of warm, fuzzy ads last month talking about how families come in all shapes and sizes.
A still from the first Honey Maid ad that raised
the ire of conservatives. 

One of the families consisted of two gay dads and their kids, who of course love each other, AND Honey Maid graham crackers.

(The ad also featured a tattooed rock drummer dad and an interracial family, which I'm sure helped send some extreme conservatives over the deep end.)

But the gay family raised the ire of groups like One Million Moms, who urge boycotts of every company they think promote sin.

I don't think there are one million moms who are members of One Million Moms and I think the few remaining must be dying of starvation because they've pretty much urged that we boycott everything, but that's another story.

This time, One Million Moms said they objected to Honey Maid's use of the word "wholesome" to describe the two gay dads and urged us all to write angry letters to the company.

I'm afraid I didn't write that letter because I was too busy driving to the store to buy Honey Maid graham crackers, so I'm sure One Million Moms will urge people send angry letters to me, too.
And a still from the second ad, which tells
conservative critics, lovingly, to go pound sand.  

But still, One Million Moms was pretty ticked at the makers of this ad.

They said:  "Nabisco should be ashamed of themselves for their latest Honey Maid and Teddy Graham cracker commercial where they normalize sin," wrote the group. "This commercial not only promotes homosexuality, but then calls the advertisement wholesome."

Maybe One Million Moms has a point. No, the two gay dads aren't the problem, and they do seem to be a nice family.

But if the dads feed their kids too many Honey Maid graham crackers and the kids get fat and unhealthy as a result, then that's not particularly wholesome.

However, it looks like the kids get the crackers only as a treat every once in awhile so it's all good.

This past week, Honey Maid acknowledged their conservative critics with a follow up ad, which perfectly, and lovingly, tells One Million Moms to go pound sand. It probably didn't hurt that positive reactions to the original ad outnumbered negative ones by a 10 to one margin, so Nabisco pretty much felt safe with the new ad.

It's a nice follow-up ad that has gone viral, is nice, and probably helped to sell even MORE Honey Maid graham crackers.  So the ad agency is doign their job well, too.

Here's the lovely ad:

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