Thursday, April 3, 2014

Every Obnoxious Corporate Ad Cliche in One Video Will Make You Laugh and Groan

Hat tip to Shay Totten via Twitter for this video that encapsulates every stupid cliche you've ever seen in all those ads that say what a great company Corporation X or whatever is.
I swear, every corporation in America just
reruns this parody ad and calls it their special
message about how special their special
corporation is.  

"This is a Generic Brand Video" is written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney's Internet Tendency. All the video clips are from the stock footage source

Or, as Adweek put it, the ad is "everything you hate about advertising in one fake video that's almost too real.

The fake ad really did have my eyes rolling as I recognized all the other ads I've seen from Corporate America. Gawd, do any of these companies, and their ad agencies, have just one single original idea?

Of course it's cheaper just to crank out the same old same old. But, hint: It's not making me like your company any better and it's making me less likely, not more likely, to buy your products and services.

But here's the video, and you'll recognize every moment from other commercials, and you'll laugh:

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