Monday, April 7, 2014

Awesome Ant Photos That Are Completely Unappetizing, But Fascinating

Photographer Paul Quagliana has released some really awesome closeup photos he took of woodland ants squirting acid all over the place.
One of Pau Qualiana''s photos of ants spraying
acid to ward off predators 

It's less dire than it sounds. The ants don't spray acid at people to kill them. Instead, they squirt the foul smelling acid to ward of predators. 

According to The Daily Mail, Quagliana said:

"It doesn't hurt but it stinks and I imagine if it was to get in your eyes it would probably sting."

In order the capture the action, he set up his camera on a tripod, ensuring the sun was behind the ants, which had built a nest on a lot. "I then tapped the log and lifted my hand up and starting photographs," he said.     
Another of Quagliana's ant photos  

"I didn't see it when they were squirting the acid, but when I looked back at the images, the sun had captured the droplets."

The photos look like the climatic battle scene in some epic action/adventure movie.

Amazing what goes on in places we don't normally notice.

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