Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shaved Ice From Hockey Rinks? Too Bad April Fools Idea Can't Be Done

A frosty treat made from shavings stirred up
by the Zamboni machines at hockey rinks?  
Every year on April 1, the public relations department at the University of Vermont issues a press release telling the world about its latest (fake) bright idea.

This year, they tell us all the ice the Zambonis shave from the hockey arena in Gutterson Field House will be converted to shaved ice treats for fans.

From UVM's press release:

"Catamount Ice, a frozen dessert that developers liken to Hawaiian shaved ice or the ever-popular Sno Cone, will be made with repurposed ice shavings 'harvested' by the Gutterson rink Zamboni machines...."

The idea was purported thought of by Connor Daley, the president of the Student Government Association, who thought the pile of ice shavings outside the arena was wasteful and contributed to unwanted stresses on the area's stormwater drainage system.

Instead of flavoring the ice with familiar things like grape or orange, they'd get invasive species tormenting the Vermont environment, like purple loosestrife or wild chervill or sea lamprey as flavors for the ice. (That way we could pull up the invasives and put them to good use)

And maybe the sweat, blood and whatnot from the hockey players would add some flavor, too.

I wish I thought of this when I was bemoaning all the snow on the ground in March. Gather up the snow clogging my property, dump food coloring and flavoring onto it, throw it in a freezer truck and sell it as a nutritious, organic frosty treat to unsuspecting southern Californians.

Oh well, maybe next year.

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