Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Worst Disaster Live TV Interview: No Date With Reporter During Wildfire In California Today

A wildfire is threatening a number of homes east of Los Angeles today. 
Reporter Courtney Friel of KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, was much too
focused on reporting on a wildfire today to accept a date from
a weird shirtless guy holding a dog in the fire zone. 

The intrepid reporters from television station KTLA were on the scene, giving live updates, as TV reporters do.

This unfortunate reporter, Courtney Friel, stopped the wrong person to react to the fire.

She should have known better than to stop a shirtless guy carrying a dog, but as a former reporter, I know you take what you can get while reporting at the scene.

Watch the guy, amid all the smoke, say the stupidest thing a witness has ever said to a reporter on live TV.

"Wow! You're super pretty. Want to go on a date sometime?"

Let this be a lesson on what not to say if a reporter pulls you aside to get your reaction to a breaking news story.

To get the full effect, and Friel's perfect, unflappable reaction to our shirtless guy, you gotta watch:

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