Friday, April 11, 2014

Zero Sympathy Out There For Owner Of BMW Firefighters Damaged To Enable Them To Put Out Large, Life-Threatening Fire

Some guy in the Boston area is now figuring out what to do now that his brand new BMW is missing many of its windows and has big angry dents in its body.
The infamous BMW in front of a hydrant during
a big East Boston blaze Wednesday night.  

The guy's ego must have big, angry dents, too, judging from the reactions to this story. Few people have sympathy for him.  Serves him right, though.

I case you haven't heard, the guy parked his two day old beautiful BMW right in front of a fire hydrant the other day.  That's always the wrong thing to do.

And the BMW got his karma right away.

According to WBZ in Boston, a Toyota caught fire in an alley way, and the fire quickly spread to three buildings. The fire went to eight alarms as the buildings were engulfed.

Firefighters needed every available hydrant in the neighborhood to keep even more buildings from going up in flames, but Bozo's BMW was parked in front of the hydrant, a block from the fire, and blocking the hydrant.

Guiding a hose over the top of the car from the hydrant to the fire wouldn't work because it put too much of a kink in the hose, preventing water from getting to the fire. ("They weren't watering their tomatoes," one commenter at Gawker said about this situation)

So, firefighters smashed out the passenger windows and fed the hose through the interior of the car. They also had to move the car a bit to get the kink of the hose completely out so, they picked up the car and moved it a few feet. That's probably where the dents came from.

I'm guessing the inside of the car got wet, too, considering how leaking water from the hydrant probably fed along the hose.

WBZ quoted a friend of the car's owner who was not entirely sympathetic.  "He was mad....I wanted to cry for him. Of course, he brought that on himself," the friend said.

Yeah, I think everyone's sympathy lies much more with the three dozen or so people who lost their homes in the fire, rather than an obnoxious new BMW.

Neighbors said the owner drove the car away after the fire with the two broken windows and other damage.

As I noted, I probably won't cry myself to sleep tonight over the BMW owner's misfortune, if you can call it that. (He also got a $100 ticket for parking in front of the hydrant.)

On CBS, a commenter named IrishSailor quoted the "I wanted to cry for him quote with a dismissive snort:  friend. "Bull! If one of my friends was that stupid, I'd be laughing my arse off at him."

The Boston Globe started an editorial on the subject this way: "As if hoping to confirm every stereotype of boorish BMW owners, someone left her - or let's be realistic --his coupe parked in front of a fire hydrant in East Boston Wednesday night."

Someone commenting on the Globe editorial waxed poetic about the situation"

"It was only a misdemeanor
But they couldn't have been meaner
I needed the space
Who'd think of a blaze
They ruined my flipping Beemer"

Others offered opinions about BMW drivers in general: "The difference between a porcupine and a BMW? The porcupine has the pricks on the outside."

I noticed media outlets have not released the name of the BMW driver. I guess the public shaming would be too extreme if everybody knew who he was and how to find him.

I just hope he doesn't park in front of a hydrant again

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