Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kids Save Their Own Lives By Being Totally Obnoxious To Criminals

Kids can sure be annoying.  
Willie Myrick, 9, and Hezekiah Walker. Willie
saved himself from a kidnapper by repeatedly singing
Walker's song "Every Praise." 

The noise, the yelling, the hitting, the running around. It can be just too much.

Too much for criminals, anyway.

Two stories are circulating this weekend of kidnapped children who saved their own skin by being blessedly obnoxious.

In one case, blessedly is the operative word here.

Earlier this month, Willie Myrick, 9, was outdoors in the Atlanta, Georgia area when a man snatched him, shoved him into his car and took off.

Willie kept singing the gospel song "Every Praise" until the kidnapper got fed up with all that singing and pushed the kid out of the car, according to WMAZ in Macon, Georgia.

Willie told his church congregation later that the man kept cursing and telling him to shut up before eventually kicking him out. "He opened the door and threw me out...He told me not to tell anyone."

Well, I guess Jesus does save when you praise him.  Willie wasn't hurt, but police are still looking for the kidnapper.

On the bright side, Willie, who as you can tell is a huge gospel fan, got to meet the guy who wrote the song "Every Praise" The songwriter, Hezekiah Walker, heard the story and showed up at the church to sing the song with Willie and the rest of the congregation.

Note: The is the first time I've heard "Every Praise," since I don't follow gospel music. Not a bad song, so thanks, Willie, for introducing it to me.

Meanwhile, in San Antonio, a car containing two twin boys, age 7 and their one year old sister was carjacked while one of their parents had run into the house to grab a baby bottle.

The twins kept punching the carjacker with their fists and a rubber snake until this kidnapper, too, had enough with obnoxious kids.    (Note: Turn the sound down before clicking on the link: The television station has one of those annoying autoplay ads that won't let you stop it)

Yep, all that horseplay does pay off. The kids were uninjured, says ABC news.

Frankly, given these stories, I think police departments should hire kids as an effective crime fighting tool. Feed 'em lots of sugar and let them go after the bad guys.

You bet the streets will be safe if that happens.

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