Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nine Month Old Kid Gets Away With "Attempted Murder"

Ever hear people say the little kid is so cute he could get away with murder?
Little Mohammed Musa, nine months didn't
commit attempted murder in Pakistan,
despite what police tried to say.  

Well, technically, in Pakistan one did. At least attempted murder.

Pakistani police, in a move that made them a worldwide laughing stock last month charged a nine month old kid with attempted murder.  

Authorities claimed the kid joined family members in attacking police and gas company officials with stones and wooden rods.

Yeah, I'm sure little Mohammed Musa was the ring leader of this crime spree, too.

What really seems to be going on, according the kid's grandfather, Mohammed Yasin, is corruption, according to the RT report:

"Yasin claims the police had fabricated the charged because they were colluding in a plot to illegally evict them from their land and had illicityly obtained an order to sever the gas connection.

'The police and gas company officials came without any notice and started removing gas meyters from houses. Residents started protesting and blocked the road but ended the protest when senior police officers arrived in the area and assured them that no injustice would be done,' Yasin told AFP."

Now, after weeks of listening to the world talk about how stupid and moronic the Pakistani police force is, the kid is off the hook. 

According to the New York Times, police have now decided to drop the charges. 

Apparently, maybe it is a little wimpy of police and government officials to be afraid of a nine month old kid, who can't even say the words "attempted murder" much less commit the crime.

Little Mohammed Musa still faces charges of First Degree Cuteness, at least in the Worldwide Court of Public Opinion.

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