Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don't Get Stung By A Bee On Your Nose, Upper Lip, Or, Um..Researcher Says

Now that the warm spring and summer are coming in, so are the insects. Stings are painful, especially when it involves a bee.  
Graduate student Michael Smith warns us
not to let this guy sting us on our nostrils.  

We have Cornell graduate student Michael Smith here for the rescue, to tell us which part of your body is the worst for a bee sting.

He subjected himself to bee stings five times a day for 38 days by holding a honeybee with forceps to every part of his body, according to National Geographic.

And I mean EVERY part.

Smith was testing to see which part of his body would feel the most pain from a bee sting.

(Note: The linked article to National Geographic is interesting and worth the click, but be aware you'll subject yourself to something as painful as the bee stings. Like many web sites, National Geographic has one of those autoplay ads that prattle on when you open the page

Apparently, advertisers think that really, REALLY annoying you will sell their products. End of whine.)

Back to the bee stings. It turns out the most painful place to get stung is on the nostril, followed by the upper lip. His penis came in third in the pain scale. For those of you wondering, getting stung in the scrotum or butt falls surprisingly low in the pain scale, but is still unpleasant, as you might imagine.

Smith published his findings in the journal PeerJ.

Why is getting stung in the nostril so painful?

According to Smith, in National Geographic:  "It's electric and pulsating..Especially the nose. Your whole body reacts. You're sneezing and wheezing and snot is just dribbling out. Getting stung in the nose is a whole body experience."

Gee, sounds really pleasant!

OK, now us guys are wondering (sort of) what it's like to get stung on the penis. Smith says:  "It's painful, and there's definitely no crossing of wires of pleasure and pain down there...But if you're stung in the nose and penis, you're going to want more stings to the penis over the nose, if you're forced to choose."

I choose neither.

Maybe I'll just buy extra bug spray this summer and hope for the best.

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