Saturday, February 7, 2015

Always Listen To Your Dog: Pooch Saves Couple From Landslide

A coastal landslide blocked this road in Cornwall, England.  
Two friends in Cornwall, England learned the other day it's always a good idea to follow your dog's lead.

According to the BBC, Amy Jones and Matt Smith recently sat on a bench, up on the cliffs above Great Western Beach in Newquay, Cornwall enjoying the gorgeous view.

Hazel, their collie was with them. Hazel suddenly started sniffing around suspiciously, then bolted away, afraid of something.

This dog, sensing danger, dashed off before the landslide,
prompting people to run after her and get away before
the landslide could endanger them.  
Jones and Smith chased after Hazel, not wanting her to get hurt running off like that. But then the cliff they had been on collapsed.

The landslide sent 100 tons of debris onto the access road below.  Had Hazel not run off, the two people would have been caught and possibly killed in the landslide.

"She definitely knew something was happening," Smith said.

Nobody was hurt in the landslide, but it will take a long time to clear the access road, and nobody can really get to the park or the beach until things are cleaned up.

But thanks to Hazel, workers will just be removing rocks, dirt and broken trees, not dead bodies.

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