Monday, February 2, 2015

Brady Bunch-Like All Star "We Are The Champions" Is Pretty Fun.

Ann A-List bunch of singers did this
Jimmy Fallon video. Pictured in this
screen grab: Fallon, The Roots, Carrie Underwood,
Ariana Grande, Sam Smith.  
In honor of the Superbowl, the Brady Bunch Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and a bunch of celebrity musicians decided to make a fun little video of the Queen classic "We Are the Champions"

For those of you with post Superbowl hangovers, the a capella dity is fun to watch.

Heck, even for those of us who don't have hangovers, it's fun to watch. It's set up like the opening credits to "The Brady Bunch" which makes it cool.  

(Is that a sly congratulatory nod to winning New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady? Hmmmm.)

The A-listers on the video are Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Usher Meghan Trainor, One Direction and Christina Aguiler, who of course tries to steal the star power.

No matter if you're bumming over the Seattle Seahawks loss or the New England Patriots' win, you'll be humming this for the rest of the day.

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