Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let's Make Appliances, Tires, Etc. Self Destruct, Just For Fun

Apparently, making washing machines self-
destruct is a thing.  
Here's a post for you if you are in a destructive mood and want to get your frustrations out. 

There seems to be a mini-trend on line of putting bricks in operating washing machines or otherwise bolloxing up appliances, cars, other equipment to make them self destruct.

Yeah, I know. People will do anything for kicks.

Yet, it's strangely fun watching this sort of thing:

Oddly, there are TONS of videos on YouTube of people making washing machines self-destruct. Everyone needs a hobby, apparently.

Here's a washing machine gradually falling to pieces. It's surprisingly compelling:

Now, let's set a washing machine on fire and turn it on to see what happens:

Next we have a guy who supposedly does the ultimate tire burnout. Again, not sure why, but it looks dangerous to me. I can picture the gas tank exploding. Don't try this at home, kiddies:

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  1. Theres something really quite sinister about the first video. Poor little thing really wanted to survive. Didnt know it was possible to feel sorry for an appliance.