Saturday, February 14, 2015

People Disagreeing Literally Butt Heads: Lovely Walmart and McDonald's Scenes

No, these two women are not being affectionate.  
Not everybody gets along with each other or with customers at work, as recent viral videos show.

It seems that if there's going to bad public behavior and fights, it will almost always be at a Walmart or McDonald's.

These things almost always end up on YouTube. I have to admit I share the public's fascination with these incidents.

Everybody gawks at train wrecks, I guess.

The other day I showed you the guy who was displeased about being fired from his McDonald's job. Now, we have two women who are perhaps not best friends.

The video concerning this one has really gone viral.   It involves a customer and a tax preparer in a Texas Walmart. (Admit it. There's no place you'd rather be than a Texas Walmart right now, right?)

The tax preparer works for Jackson Hewitt and has a booth at Walmart. The customer had a disagreement with the tax lady a few days earlier, says Consumerist, via television station KTRK in Houston, Texas.

The customer, Jessica Albitz,  came back to Walmart a couple days later and encounter tax worker Alice Keener. (Keener wasn't the person Albitz was dealing with a few days earlier, but they didn't get along from the start.)

Albitz said when she came back, Keener mumbled an obscenity to her. That's when maturity took a nosedive and the following stupidity erupted.

No word yet on whether the tax preparer has been disciplined. The other woman, the shopper, has been banned from that Walmart. It takes a lot to be banned from Walmart, so that is quite an accomplishment.

In the video, the nicest thing anybody said was "Yo mamma's a bitch."  Yeah, the language is NSFW.

The headbutt in the video is the highlight. Watch:

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