Friday, February 6, 2015

Jax On American Idol Is One Of My New Favorite Singers

I'm a new fan of the singer Jax, now a contestant
on "American Idol."  
I don't watch "American Idol" much, but I was intrigued by the video I stumbled.

It was a the recently aired audition episode of the singing talent reality show.

One contestant is named Jax, an 18 year old woman. She totally re-worked the Beatles' classic, "I Want To Hold Your Hand," and made it this beautiful, romantic, quiet ballad.

Her singing style makes me think she went to the (fictitious) Carole King School Of Voice because I hear echos of King's singing in Jax.

Jax is, like King, also a songwriter. So she's a cool find. I always like finding new singers I can fall in love with. Kinda like I did when I became a huge fan of Emily West when I first heard her last year on "America's Got Talent." 

See and hear for yourself in this video:

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