Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Annie Lennox KILLED It At The Grammys; I Also Like All Her Other Personas

Annie Lennox KILLING it at the Grammys Sunday night.  
The highlight for me the other night watching the Grammys was watching and listening to Annie Lennox perform.

She's 60 years old now, but boy, her talent hasn't faded one bit. It's gotten stronger instead.  

I've always been a huge fan of hers. Now, more so after the Grammy performance.

Because I was thinking about Lennox, I looked up some long past Eurythmics music videos from the 1980s. (She and Dave Stewart comprised the Eurythmics.)

It turned out to be a ton of fun because she explores so many other personas. She combines different ways of singing, costuming and acting to come up with all these disparate characters. I just love it!

All her music video characters are strong women, which I like, but Lennox plays dress up with her voice and her looks, and her videos, to wonderful effect.

First, I have to dis Vevo, where a lot of these videos originate. As you scroll down through the videos, below,  you have to click on the play, then have to play by clicking on "Watch On YouTube." I don't know why. Just to be a pain, I guess.

But despite Vevo's stupid antics, all the following videos are worth watching for Lennox' awesomeness. Join me in a 1980s Eurythmics flashback, won't you?

First, in the Eurythmics most famous song, and one of my favorite songs of all time, she's all business, although the business is a little bizarre:

In "Here Comes The Rain Again," she is a virginous potential damsel in distress, but ultimately brave,  on a bleak British seacoast:

Then, just like that! Lennox turns into a world-weary not-born-yesterday chantreuse ruminating about a serial cheating boyfriend in "Who's That Girl." And note the HORRIBLE 1980s hairstyles on the women Dave Stewart is chasing:

I guess things eventually got to our chantreuse, as she turns, with the help of wildly erratic camera angles and a plunging neckline on her dress, into a psychotic looking growling sex kitten who's also pretty scary, but formidable in, "I Need A Man" This one is hilarious:

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