Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jim Cantore Seems To Enjoy Thundersnow

Jim Cantore awestruck during a thunder snowstorm
in Chicago back in 2011. He was in heaven this
weekend as thundersnow hit during his live
reports during a Massachusetts blizzard.  
UPDATE: See new video below the Cantore Thundersnow Montage video in this post. Totally awesome follow up video from someone else.

PREVIOUS DISCUSSION: I usually give all the full weather updates on my sister blog, Matt's Weather Rapport, but I have to post something about the weather here.

The Weather Channel's iconic storm reporter/meteorologist, Jim Cantore, is in Massachusetts covering the epic blizzard.

Rule of thumb: If Jim Cantore is in your town, you're screwed. You're in for a terrible, terrible, awful storm/disaster.

Anyway, Jim's favorite weather appears to be a combination of snow, thunder and lightning.

While reporting overnight and this morning on the snow in and around Plymouth, Massachusetts, the sky occasionally lit up with lightning amid the dense clouds of falling and blowing snow.

Judging from the video you'll see below, Cantore is somewhat enthusiastic about the lightning. (Glad he didn't have a heart attack. Or get struck. )

As Dennis Mersereau of the Gawker weather page The Vane put it in a Tweet today, "Anyone who doesn't understand the passion that weather geeks hold for the weather needs to watch Jim Cantore run around in thundersnow."

The video is hilarious though. I like people who can work up this level of enthusiasm:

As Cantore's thundersnow montage video went viral Sunday, Cantore himself Tweeted the following video that demonstrates just how contagious the Weather Channel meteorologist's enthusiasm is:

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