Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Horrible Taiwan Plane Crash Caught On Dash Cam

Stills from a dash cam video
of a terrible Taiwan plane crash today.  
Imagine driving down a freeway in a city when from behind the highrises to the left, a plane just misses the buildings, dives down sideways, clips the bridge you're on, then plunges into the river below.

Somebody in Taiwan caught that horrible sight today when a TransAsia flight with 53 passengers and five crew crashed today.  It's all on a dash came video that I've got on the bottom of this post. You'll probably see it all over the news, too.

At least 13 people died and most of the rest of the people on the plane are missing, presumably in the fuselage under the water or swept downstream by the river current.

Some survivors have been pulled from the wreckage.  Reuters says 15 people were rescued. 

One person on the bridge was hurt when the cab he was driving was struck. The plane missed apartment buildings to the left of the highway by just a few feet.

No word on the cause of the crash yet..

Here's the incredible video.

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