Sunday, February 22, 2015

Guy Fleeing Drug Raid Nabbed By His Pants On Outside Apartment Wall

Burlington, Vermont police say this guy
tried to flee an apartment during a drug raid
but his pants got caught on an exterior wall
of the building. The city's fire department
had to rescue him. 
Burlington, Vermont police conducted a drug raid at an apartment in that fine city and one of the people in the apartment tried to flee out a second story window.

Police got an assist from the guy's pants, the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press reports. He got snagged on the outside of the building when his pants caught on something.

A video in the Free Press link shows the humilating moment for Aaron Drumgo, 25 of Brooklyn, New York when police got him down from the side of the building.

Says the Freeps:

"Drumgo attempted to flee by leaping out the window. His pants became caught on part of the building, and he was left hangingt outside. He eventually was rescued by the Burlington Fire Department."

Of course, in this country we have the concept of innocent until proven guilty. But a guilty part of me thinks that it would have been fun if indeed Drumgo was indeed guilty, we could have left the Burlington Fire Department out of it.

Just leave him there and charge admission for people to watch the spectacle of Drumgo stuck on the side of the building.

Police did say they found 200 grams of crack cocaine in the apartment and a digital scale, the Free Press reports. If that's true, there could be some jail time in our building hanger's future.

They'll probably put him in a cell, though. Cruel and unusual punishment to attach the guy to the exterior wall of the prison. Especially given how arctic Vermont winters are.

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