Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Finally! Some Honesty In A Beauty Pageant

Normally, I don't take note of beauty pageants. They're kinda dumb, if you ask me.

However, I've always wondered what would happen if a person who did not win the pageant ever became honest.

You know, instead of a fake smile and a halfhearted kiss and hug for the winner, the runner-up told us how she or he really felt.

We got an answer in Brazil recently, when the person who did not win did not play nice.  (The non-winner accused the winner of buying the pageant victory.)

Can one be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct in a beauty pageant? I also don't think the women in red is going to win Miss Congeniality. Nice departing greeting to the audience, though.

Watch at bottom of post:

...but Sheisane Hayalla wasn't happy about it.  
Carolina Toledo recently won a local
beauty pageant in Brazil.... 

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