Friday, February 6, 2015

Dust Bunnies Are Beautiful! Really!

One of photographer Klaus Pichler's close up
photos of a dust bunny.  
There's a bunch of dust bunnies rolling around under the furniture all over my house and I really don't feel like cleaning them up at the moment.  

They'll only reappear anyway.

Too bad you can't find beauty in those dust bunnies

Oh, but you can!

According to Slate, photographer Klaus Pichler was moving out of an apartment into another.

As he was clearing out the old apartment, he noticed the dust bunnies in the living room were red, while the ones in the bedroom were light blue.

He decided to have a closer look at the dust bunnies, and the result was his really cool, very close range photographs of the bits of dust and debris around the house.  And in lots of other places.

Another Klaus Pichler dust bunny photo.  
I love Pichler's explanation of his methodology:

"I went to all the places without appointment and confused the owners with one simple question: 'Would you allow me to collect some dust here?' If they were too puzzled to refuse me, I went on all fours and took what the corners, nooks and crannies provided: dust bunnies," Pitchler said.  

'It was great fun watching peoples' reactions to my strange questions, and it was enlightening finding out the bandwidth of possible emotions, from fun to confusion, embarrassment to paranoia.

Turns out, you can tell a lot about a place from its dust bunnies. The dust at sports stadiums reflects the colors of the respective teams playing there. Dust bunnies at movie theaters contain bits of popcorn, at pet shops they're full of tiny feathers, and at tailer shops they're strewn with cotton. 'I suspected a finding like that when I started the project, but I did not suspect that the shape and appearance of dust would be that diverse,' he said."

The result is Pichler's new photo book called Dust. Check it out. It's cool. 

Maybe I'll keep postponing the house cleaning. My excuse? I don't want to ruin the delicate art work under the couch, chairs, bed, etc.

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