Sunday, April 10, 2016

Color Commentary Of Strange L.A. Car Chase Is Even Stranger

Mid chase: A battered Mustang leads cops on a very
weird chase through L.A. this week.  
A staple of Los Angeles and L.A. television is the car chase.

Every five minutes or so, somebody steals a car and leads police on a chase through the L.A. basin's freeways and boulevards.

Television news helicopters follow the chases, which always eventually lead to a dramatic arrest.

For some reason they keep televising these things, although they're always the same. At least usually.

There was a weird one this week though, in which a couple of guys lead police in a chase in a Mustang convertable.

From Jalopnik, we get the entire update:

It was a slow speed chase through some unseasonable rain in L.A.  The two guys in the car did do some donuts on a wet overpass halfway through the chase, just for fun.

This being L.A., a TMZ Tour Bus driver appeared to try and  stop the chase by cutting in front of the Mustang on one freeway, but the guys in the car got away.

The color commenntary from is strange, too, as the reporters debate whether the car is a BMW or a Mustang.

Then they tell us this is like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, speculate hows they would stop the chase with their own cars, comment on the alleged lackadaisical incompetence of the cops chasing the Mustang, and, because the chase is so weird and slow, tell us that this is the future car chase under Bernie Sanders.

(By the way, the cops said they were deliberately slow on this because they didnt want to endanger people by flying down the streets and freeways at top speed.)

The television footage is mysteriously interrupted by a brief soundless clip of a backstage interview at American Idol, but we quickly get back to the crisis in question here.

The chase ends when the Mustang parks in the neighborhood, the driver casually gets out and makes a phone call. He and the other guy in the car take selfies and greet friends. People in the neighborhood come out, whip out their cell phones and take pictures.

Seven minutes later, the cops arrive to make an anticlimatic arrest.

The Los Angeles Times identified the driver in the chase as Herschel Reynolds, 20 and his passenger was Isaiah Young, 19. Both face numerous charges, including some related to an alleged burglary that touched off the chase.

Reynolds was apparently trained as a tactical driver for the U.S. Marines, but was "prematurely discharged" under murky circumstances, though it is clear the Marines weren't happy with Reynolds, says the L.A. Times.

I'm glad I don't live in L.A. The weirdness is too much, even or me.

Here's the video clips with the commentary from television anchors and reporters:

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