Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Walmart Is Unclear On The Difference Between Maryland And Massachusetts

Walmart said these two states look pretty much alike,
so who cares if a University of Maryland t
shirt has a Massachusetts map on it?  
At Walmart, they had  t-shirt that touted the University of Maryland.

Go Terps!

Here's the problem. The logo on the shirt shows a map of Massachusetts, not Maryland.

I'm not sure how many University of Maryland students, faculty and alumni don't know whether they are in Amherst, Massachusetts or College Park, Maryland, but I'm sure it's not many.

That doesn't stop Walmart, though, no way! Facts are stupid anyway, right?

According to Consumerist, a shopper tried to point out to Walmart that perhaps the University of Maryland is in, um, Maryland and maybe the t-shirts should reflect this notion.

I hope the initial response from Walmart was meant as tongue in cheek, but I'm not sure and that scares me.

I, and pretty much everyone else disagree on this point, but Walmart said both Massachusetts and Maryland start with the letter "M" and maps of the two states kinda, sorta look alike.

Good enough, then!

Or maybe not. The Washington Post reports, amid the growing embarrassment of these shirts, that Walmart is pulling them from the shelves and apologizing to University of Maryland fans.

Maybe Walmart could have fun, though, confusing other states and their universities. Colorado and Wyoming are both shaped like squares, so you could switch their university logo shirts.

Mississippi and Alabama look vaguely like mirror images of each other. New Hampshire looks very remotely like an upside down Vermont, and Delaware looks a bit like a mini mirror image of New Hampshire.

This is getting confusing.

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