Monday, April 18, 2016

The Weirdest Supermarket Ad EVER

A strange scene from a strange new ad from
a British supermarket.  
This has to be the weirdest ad for a supermarket ever, as noted in the headline.

I take that back. It's the weirdest ad for anything anywhere I've ever seen.  But it is compelling in a very strange way.

I warn you, you can't un-see it once you view it, but go ahead and look.

The ad shows a very oddball encounter in a parking garage, with a big production number, an interesting outfit to say the least and some dancing.

The ad is very gay, in a very strange way.

By the way, there's a series of ads from MoneySuperMarket featuring the guy in hot pants and high heels that were judged Britain's most annoying ads of 2015.

You be the judge, but I'm not sure how the latest in this series of ads would inspire me or anyone to go shop at the MoneySuperMarket, unless you're hoping for unusual finds, maybe.

So watch the video, and be amazed. And frightened. And open-jawed. You get the idea.


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